Monday Morning’s


Happy Monday! It’s actually my Sunday, but that’s just my schedule. I love having Sunday and Monday’s off, one day of rest and one business day to get things done.

It’s no secret that I write on Monday mornings. I’m in my favorite place to do some writing in the morning and then run a few earns in the afternoon. My friends and family now understand that my mornings are my sacred time, my time to be with my passion.  My creativity, my passion comes first and then everything else falls into place. I may sound a bit selfish but in a good way. What’s your passion that takes over your world? I’d love to hear from you.

It’s week four of the playwright workshop I’m taking and let me tell you last Tuesday night my ego was on its way out the door after the other participants read my pages out loud. I was so hard on myself, I didn’t like the way one person read one of my characters, I didn’t like the way anything I thought sounded witty or somewhat profound. After suggestions and some praise I was still ready to run. Then I just started my self inquiry meditation and the fears of not being good enough melted away, slowly, but nonetheless the fear went away.

My two characters needed to be defined, my play needed to be grounded, who’s going to be telling their story, whose story was going trump the others? Questions I couldn’t answer for a few days, then bam! My imagination just flew open and now I have one character who needs help and the other character is going to help her. Yes, this sounds simple but I was in the way and then I took one big step to the left and let the creativity take over. Also, through morning pages (thank you Julia Cameron), my characters used the opportunity to talk to me, I just let it all unfold naturally as it always does. (I have to remember that).

So, here I sit on the very beautiful sunny Monday morning in Serious Coffee ready to settle into the writing…what are you doing on this beautiful fresh new day?

Until next time…keep on typing.

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