Thoughts about what I’m reading

I’m currently on vacation, that’s why I haven’t really been posting anything or even writing at the moment. I do feel a little lost that I’m not writing, it feels like something is missing. Ever feel that way when you’re not doing what you’re meant to be doing?

I brought a few books with me on vacation with the intention of finishing at least two out of  three books, well at the moment I am half way through one novel and when I arrived to my in-laws house I picked up another book in their library. The book jumped out at me as if to say, “Umm, you need to read this.”  It’s about a group of seven writers who get together on Sunday’s to read their work, critique and support each other. Of course there are other things going on, but the theme is how a group can support you and your craft. Serendipitous. I love that!


So I started The Writing Circle and I’m almost finished. The only interruptions at the moment are sleeping, eating and spending time outside in the Florida sun. I’m inspired once again to create a writing group. I was part of a very productive writing group in Tofino, BC and when I moved from the rain forest paradise I not only lost the natural beauty of the island but a part of my creativity, a connection to other writers. Then I connected with a new friend and we would get together to write at least twice a month, it fed our creativity, then I moved again to Victoria, a city filled with writers but I couldn’t find any to connect with until one day I was working and the romance writers of Vancouver island were meeting for their annual Valentines luncheon. I boldly introduced myself to one of the women and we connected instantaneously, like we had known each other, two souls that never really lost touch. I love those moments. Then she introduced me to another woman of the group and they invited me to two of their meetings, I was finally going to find a group that I could connect with. Due to work schedules, I haven’t joined their group yet; yet being the key focus, my intention is to join their group, not only for the writing but for support and a sense of community. Through those two meetings I connected with a dear friend, we meet at least once or twice a month on Friday mornings to write, it has been very therapeutic for me.  Lately with our schedules, the holidays and now me on vacation and she leaving for a month, I am seeking another writing group.

They say “Ask, and wait to receive.” In the back of my mind I was thinking how I could create a writing group or find one that fit my schedule and still give me time to write. The intention was put out their with my thoughts and then I started a vision board with the theme of writing and where I would like my writing to take me. I was in the gym and was chatting with a friend and he suggested I look at the Belfry Playhouse, playwrite workshop, so I did and now I’m enrolled in a twelve week workshop with six other writers to strengthen my writing, to connect with other writers, to learn, to be. I am so grateful. More to come when the workshop begins.

Where did this all come from? Not just this book I just picked up three days ago, but from that one thought of putting together a writing group or being a part of another group. It all came from one thought and putting a little effort into the thought to get where you’re going, where I’m going.

Until next time my friends, keep on typing….

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