Happy New Year & Happy Birthday!


Happy New Year my friends! I wish you all a prosperous 2014 full of love, light and laughter!

Today is also my birthday. Happy Birthday to me. We went for a lovely brunch this afternoon and our server brought us a dessert plate with “Happy Anniversary” written in chocolate on the plate. I kinda laughed and asked if that was for someone else and our server said “no, this is for you” implying Adam and I. Our server asked if there was something wrong and I said “No, it’s perfect, I’m celebrating my 40th anniversary.”  It was really fitting – I am celebrating 40 years on this earth; having this great experience that is being provided – what a blessing!

When people asked me how old I am, I said “30 years with 10 years experience”. I believe this. 40 is just a number and I even though a part of me, the ego part, looks back and tries to make a list of things that I should’ve done, or wanted to do, it’s really all perfect, just the way it’s supposed to be. Right here and now.

When your birthday is on the world’s refresh day, a beginning of a new year, it’s hard to compete with that energy. I feel it, I feel those who desperately have major goals or resolutions they want to accomplish, but I figured it out at an early age to just let everything be as it is. It’s good to have goals, attainable goals, ones that you know you can cross off the list. I made a resolution once and didn’t follow through and beat myself up about it six months into the new year. Now, I sit down each day and write a daily goal list ~ what does my perfect day look like? Then I go from there. It’s simple and if I don’t get one thing done in that day, then I have tomorrow to start fresh; isn’t that a lovely concept. Tomorrow is a new day filled with endless possibilities and you get to write down your perfect day again and start new.

Today, I got up, went for a run and then relaxed, hanging out in the house, puttering around, looking through books I would like to read this year (I’m a sucker for old books at garage sales, thinking “oh one day I’ll read this” – now I can). We went for a lovely brunch, then a nice walk in the misty rain and the rest of the afternoon was spent watching movies and falling asleep on the sofa. I think of these days all the time, I write about them in my morning pages how I want to just sit on the sofa and watch movies and relax and it happened and I fulfilled a perfect day. Feels great!

I look back on the year and yes, I have some things that I didn’t accomplish, but that’s okay, I know I (the ego) was in the way. Tomorrow my one creative goal is to research on-line magazines to send my work to for possible publication.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

My goal is to share more of my writing, so I will try to post more of my work to share with you. I learned once and still think “a sharing in me is a sharing in you”. Meaning when someone shares, we all benefit, we heal through sharing.

Until next time…keep typing

Happy New Year!


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