Merry Christmas!


Happy First Day of Winter, or Winter Solstice.  Welcome to the winter season along with the Christmas Spirit!

I haven’t written in a few weeks, no real excuse, time slips by when you’re adjusting to a new work schedule and spending more time with loved ones, both a great new fit for me. I love working a few days and a few nights at the hotel I work at. Keeps things interesting.

I really love spending time with my partner and he enjoys having me around more. I love coming home and cooking and having a nice dinner with him, chat about the day, actually talk to one another and not text to see how you are doing. I think technology is great and instant communication is also good, but there is something about being with someone, to see their reaction to a story, to hold their hand across the table, to stand next to one another while doing the dishes (yes, we sometimes give the dishwasher a break).

Christmas time is for spending time with family and friends, this year I decided to open our home to new and familiar friends to celebrate the Christmas season. It reminds me that we should be celebrating this sense of connection every day and not just one or two times a year. I’m looking forward to the next few days of Christmas activities and fitting my writing session in here and there.

Until the next time….keep on typing & Merry Christmas!


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