Time does fly by when you’re having fun

I can’t believe it’s already the end of November. Time really does fly by when you’re having fun.


My in-laws were living with us for five weeks and they left last Thursday. During those five weeks I learned a little more about my partner, like where he get a few traits from. (one being always organizing the fridge, his mother does this) I learned more about my in-laws and really do love them more from this experience. I also learned more about myself and what is important. You really can’t sweat the small stuff, life happens and how you react or not react to situations is the key.  Also, laughter is important. My father-in-law laughs all the time and he made me laugh when he would just burst into laughter over little things. I’m grateful to feel such genuine joy.

I’m slowly putting my writing room back together. (It was turned into my in-laws bedroom for five weeks.) Yesterday I sat in the middle of my room and just smiled to be able to sit in solitude with my books and papers around me. If you ever came over and went into my writing room you might cringe with the papers stacked up, chapters in piles, sticky notes on the walls, books opened and more sticky notes in the books for reference. My partner has given up after years of asking how I can work in such chaos, I say “it’s not chaos, it’s my process”. He doesn’t get it and it’s hard to explain to someone that what they think as a messy room is actually a calming process to me. I’m sure every writer has their writing room or desk set up the way they like and can work. I know a writer who tapes her chapters on the wall, one at a time to work on, she says it’s one way she is able to walk around her writing room and gaze at the writing, the story, the characters, etc… It’s her process.

Now, it’s Wednesday and I’m back in Serious Coffee on Cook Street getting ready to do some work.

What is your creative process? Please feel free to share. I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time my friends ~ keep on typing….

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