Artist Dates

Happy Wednesday! Here I am at one of my favorite tables in Serious Coffee. It’s cold this morning in Victoria. I love when it’s sunny and cold, I prefer it over the overcast dark days.


If you know Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, you know about Artist Dates. Take yourself out to fill up the creative well, feed your creative soul and just be with yourself. My Wednesday writing sessions are considered one of my artists dates. I love coming to the coffee shop, getting myself a little treat (a green yerba mate and either a big chocolate chip cookie to snack on throughout the morning. This morning I’m trying something different just because you have to change things up, routines are good, but sometimes you need to change it up).

Before I dive into the process of working on my book, I admit that I people watch. I love to see what people are reading, if they are typing away on a laptop or ipad. Are they working on a blog as well? Are they watching me? I don’t see any of the regular people I normally see on a Wednesday morning, it’s still early though, and I’ll be here for a bit to write, to be with my passion.

As I was writing my morning pages (Also another wonderful suggestion from Julia Cameron), I wrote “Don’t hold back, just put it down on the page and move forward.” So today’s goal is to review some of the chapters of my book that I know deep down that I haven’t really let myself be honest on the page.

Until next time, keep on typing…


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