If I had a name like…

Yesterday I was driving down Yates street on my way home, my ego was telling me that we would write for hours on Wednesday and we should go shopping. I had already been stern with myself earlier making a goal to write at least for an hour in the afternoon. Somehow I got in the car to get a few missed items on the grocery list. Funny how the ego wins at times.

So, as I was driving home, I was listening to Definitely not the Opera on CBC (I love CBC), and there was woman who had interviewed Wendy Morton, a poet from Victoria, BC. When she read her poem, If I had a name like Rose Fernandez, my creative inner child was yelling “hurry up and get home to write!” I made my way home and thought how grateful I am for creative serendipitous moments to kick my artist’s ass back on track. I sat down and wrote for at least 45 minutes and it was exactly what I needed.

The universe knows I should be writing, I know I should be writing, I want to write, I crave it, somehow the ego gets in and procrastination takes over. That moment listening to CBC in the car was great to get back to the page.  I’m sitting in Serious Coffee for my Wednesday Writing Session and I’ve already written over 500 words along with some research and my fair share of people watching. I was inspired by the poem and I wanted to share with you. I want to jump up and dance on the sidewalks as well!

Until next time my friends, keep on typing….


If I Had a Name Like Rosie Fernandez
Wendy Morton

I would wear gardenias and orchids
in my hair.
I would buy some hot sauce
called “Jump up and kiss me.”
I would offer it to strangers.
If I had a name like Rosie Fernandez
I would know how to tango,
I would tap dance on sidewalks.
I would fall in love insistently,
spend hours in cafes
with a broken heart
and good coffee.

Oh, if I had a name like Rosie Fernandez,
I would know it.

From Gumshoe (Black Moss Press).
Used with the author’s permission from dailypoet.com


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