September here and almost gone…


I love the shift into fall. Even though I embrace every ounce of sunshine I possibly can during the summer season, I welcome the fresh, crisp, newness of fall.

I’m from Nova Scotia, a province that experiences all four seasons. There is summer, fall, winter and spring. The West Coast, you get the sunny season and not so sunny season into the rainy season. However, you make the best of what you are provided with. In Victoria there is a hint of a fall season. It’s occurring sporadically at the moment where the mornings are cool, with dew on the grass and condensation on the windows; the afternoon sun reminds you that summer is still hanging on to those last moments. Then as the sun goes down the coolness of the air reminds you to bring a coat or sweater where ever you maybe going out.

Mini pumpkins

I love the smell of damp leaves, chimney burning fires in the early mornings and dusky evenings. I love putting on that favourite sweater that wraps around you like a big ole’ hug that says “hello friend, I’ve missed you”. Fall reminds me of my grandparents farm in Ontario. The beautiful and vibrate colors of the changing trees as they settle for the winter. The Maple trees get ready for us to tap and enjoy their sweet syrup on the crisp snowy mornings. Pulling pumpkin’s from the pumpkin’ patch and getting them ready to be baked into pies, muffins, loafs or carving for Halloween. I just love that feeling of gathering and harvesting.

I think it’s the smell of the air that gets me every time. It takes me back to a moment where I didn’t seem to have a care in the world. Yet, over the years I still have that sense of balance when fall peaks itself into the season, inch by inch. When I moved away from Nova Scotia to Alberta, there wasn’t a maple tree to be found so that I could watched the leaves fall on the ground where every step was a soft crisp musical to your stride.  However, there was that cool brisk air and the smell of fall which helped me through my first fall season away from home.

Now, in Victoria, outside my writing room window there is a maple tree, it is changing color, red and yellow leaves mixed in with the green. I love whoever planted that tree in their yard, thank you. The light rain has started and it is welcomed as we’ve had a dry summer, 36 days of sunshine in July through August, it was record-breaking. Now, people are pulling out their rain boots and coats to embrace the Wet Coast winter. For now, I’ll hold onto the fall as long as possible.

The tea is brewing and my favourite sweater is being pulled out of the winter box.

Until next time, keep on typing away…


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