Little things the writer goes through


They say “Don’t sweat the little things”. The ego however loves to fret over everything. 

The past few months I’ve been able to come to my writing place on Wednesday and get the same table and settle into the process of writing. Be that starting a new blog for this site or just get right into the writing, I have been lucky with what the ego thinks is my table. I’m here to say that’s not entirely correct.

The past two Wednesday’s I’ve arrived early in anticipation of getting my regular table but it has been occupied by another patron who also enjoys the same table. At first I get a little upset and think “Now I can’t write, or I can’t get the work I want to get down, excuse, blah, excuse, blah, blah, blah, excuse.”

I find another table that is suitable. I like to have a lot of room to put my laptop, tea-cup and a book that I’ve been reading in-between writing sessions. I find myself looking at my usual table to see if the person is about to leave or if they are there for their possible writing/work session. I have to stop myself and say “Okay, it’s time to write, today’s goal is 1000+ words, get it done”. Then I start to write. Then I look at the table again, the ego is so friggin’ insistent sometimes. 

So, here I sit in my favorite writing spot and I’m still writing, take that ego!

Until next time, keep typing away my friends….

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