A fresh start – the beginning of September


It has been a few weeks since I’ve been posted anything. I’ve been busy, I know it’s not an excuse but it’s the reality of a working writer. Let’s just say my work life has been a hectic. Summer is one of the busiest times for hotel life. Especially this summer. No one has really been traveling due to the economy. Now, there is a shift, people are exploring again, and I’ve come in contact with people all over the world this summer. I love talking to visitors and ask why they came to Vancouver Island? Their reasons vary, but they all want to see and experience the beautiful island of the west coast. That’s why I live on the island – there is something special about the island that whispers a sense of being.

I enjoy my job, I am very grateful for this opportunity that is being provided to maintain this creative life that is fully intended. Yes, it’s a catch 22, is there anyone else out there working full time and trying to write, paint, act, and be with their passion? We all need to work to have a roof over the head, food on the table and clothes on the back. Everything else is a bonus.

Where was I going with this thought? Fresh starts and the beginning of September. First I like to say that it felt like August came and went and all of a sudden it was September 1st. Labour Day week-end was here and now gone just like every moment. September is a month of fresh starts. Back to school, back to the routine for many families with children in school, or university students. My fresh start is with my writing. I’ve been struggling with my novel, not in the sense of actually writing it, more like finding the time to sit down and write. The past two weeks I’ve been given signs on writing, I am constantly hearing “You should be writing”, and yes I should be writing, I am writing this very moment and that fills my artist’s soul. I’m setting more mini goals with my writing routine and so far so good. I write down what I would like to accomplish in the day and when I cross off the items on the list, I am following through on my goals, my promises to myself and to my passion. Today on my list is: post on website, work on my novel in the morning, work on friends writing project in the afternoon, vacuum, get sun dried tomatoes and basil for the pasta sauce.

Now, I’m sitting at one of my favorite tables in Serious Coffee, and enjoying the peaceful morning of being with my passion. I can cross off one thing on today’s list and that feels good, now to move forward to the next daily goal. It’s all about balance. 

Until next time, keep writing.


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