More about music ~ more like routine

It’s Wednesday, and I’m at Serious Coffee on Cook Street. It’s my Wednesday routine. I get up, do my morning pages, make a green smoothie while I prepare my lunch and then head out to the coffee shop. Going to write makes me happy, it fills me with joy. It’s a bonus that the table I prefer is available. I find comfort and a sense of peace when I see that the table is empty almost saying “I’ve been waiting for you.” I smile and breath out, almost like when I was young and saw all the new presents under the Christmas Tree after Santa delivered my Christmas wish list.

When I walked into Serious Coffee this morning the song playing was “I just died in your arms tonight” by Cutting Crew. The song instantly took me back to junior high. I would listen to this song over and over, thinking about the latest crush on a cute boy. As I waited for my Brazilian Green Yerba Mate, Bonnie Tyler’s “Total eclipse of the heart” filled the cafe and I smiled a little more. Another great 80’s love song that I dedicated myself to for months. I would play the song over and over again like many 80’s love song’s to heal my love struck teenage heart.

Now, it’s time to sit down and work on revisions. This weeks word is goal, both short and long-term. The bigger picture is to complete my book, but you have to work on it each day and the short-term goals are just as important, like working one sentence, then one paragraph, and one chapter at time.

Until next week my friends; keep on typing….


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