Music I listen to while writing

It’s Wednesday and I’m in my favorite coffee place on Cook Street. I’m sitting with my green tea yerba mate and listening to early 80’s tunes while I write.

There is something about music that brings me to life. The creative process is different for each of us, and my Wednesday Writing sessions are pretty much the same each week. Maybe I change the type of tea I drink, but even that I don’t stray far from.

I enjoy listening to love songs, I’m a romantic at heart and when I listen to old love songs I really get in the mood to write about romance, but it also inspires me as I work on my first book, which is now at the editing stage. Another process that is unique and different for everyone. So, here I sit swaying with the love songs and enjoying the creative process.

What do you listen to when you’re writing? Until next week my friends, keeping on typing.


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