On the Move ~ Again

We’re moving. Again.

I started this blog last week but didn’t finish it as it felt like I was listing all the places I lived and that could take more time than I have this week.  I’ll share those places at another time.

I’m knee-deep in boxes and debating on throwing out the pair of boots that I haven’t worn for a year. I have them in my hands and keep thinking “Maybe one day”. Will I need these red pair of boots in the near future or should I just throw them out and move forward. I just walked to the new garbage area in our new complex, open the lid and threw them in, closed the lid and walked away. My partner, Adam smiled as he felt a small victory after ten years of asking if I’ll get rid of a pair of the many shoes I have and don’t seem to wear. I felt a weight lift of my shoulders, that’s my victory, feeling free of the “things” I’ve collected over the years that I really don’t need.

Now, I’m back at Serious Coffee to do some writing before I start to move some more things to our new place. I needed a little grounding and writing brings me back to center. I’m ready to move forward.

Have a great week and until next time, keep typing away….

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