A gentle reminder

I have to remind myself that routine is not always the best thing. Well as a writer and for the creative process, routine is acceptable, it helps keep me on track. Do you have a writing routine? Do you find yourself at a loss if you don’t write daily or that committed time you’ve intentionally set aside and then don’t? You’re not alone.

I love my routines. I love getting up on my days off and going to my writing place (Usually Serious Coffee on Cook Street), get a green tea and settle in for a few hours of creativity. It feels good to be with my passion, to give it the time it deserves, to feed the artists soul and just to write.

This week my days off have been interrupted to attend seminar’s for my hotel life (#hotellife on my twitter account). The hotel life is a life style, just like the writer’s life, the hotel life can take over and you get sucked into the vortex of the day-to-day dealings of the hospitality business. You might be asking, why would I be working in a profession that generally is a 45 hour or more work week when I could be writing? The million dollar question for sure. Well, I am grateful for the opportunity that my job provides me to maintain this amazing creative life that is fully intended.  It also provides me to people watch and get great characters. I get to over hear conversations that might not want to be over heard and sometimes that’s worth the few hours of “working”.  It’s about balance.

So, even though I had an interruption in my writing routine, I had to remind myself that everything is okay. I was able to sit in my writing room (Which is the size of a desk and a book shelf, yes it’s small), and write. It felt good to just sit and write – it really doesn’t matter where you write, just write and that’s what so many writing teachers have shared with us, Stephen King, Julia Cameron and Natalie Goldberg to start with. If you’re going to write, you’re going to write – it doesn’t matter if it’s on a laptop, PC, a journal or a napkin (I’ve written on cocktail napkins at the Calgary Airport Delta bar), you are going to write.

I have to gently remind myself that it’s okay once and awhile that I don’t make it to my regular writing spot or routine each week, but I also tell myself that I will make up for it and again, it’s all about balance.

Until next week my friends, keep writing.

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