Let’s start at the beginning: My name is Marion Ann

My name is Marion Ann Laura Berry. It’s not Mary, Mary-Ann, Marion, Marion and Ann. Simply Marion Ann.

How did I get this name? Well my father saved me from Luanne Louise Laura Berry (Thank’s again dad) and then they decided on naming me after my grandmothers.

Marion – is from my nanny Pierce, my maternal grandmother.

Ann – is my mother’s middle name.

Laura is from my grandmother Berry, my paternal grandmother.

I go by Marion Ann and yes it’s been a struggle, my mother was very adamant about my name. I’m pretty sure I missed out on a few dates, because my mother would answer the phone and if you asked for Mary, or Ann, or Mary Ann you got the wrong number.

My nickname is Min – where did that come from, well that’s another story…

One thought on “Let’s start at the beginning: My name is Marion Ann

  1. I admire that you kept your real and whole name. If people have a struggle – that’s their struggle.As you know, for years I went by Chris. It was a name that my friends started calling me on yet another move to a new city and I liked it well enough. But as an adult it’s taken me years to finally make Christine my real and whole name….and you helped me to do it!


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